jueves, 6 de mayo de 2010

My Journal Quilt... six months later.

My Journal Quilt... six months later

Mi Journal Quilt... después de seis meses, me encantó la idea de hacer estas mini colchas cada mes, aquí les comparto, amigas blogeras, el poder ver con la ayuda digital, ver como se verá cuando me ponga a unirla. Ya puedo decirles, que tengo ganas de verla completa. Seis meses más para trabajar con ella.

Esta semana ha estado llena de mágia, primero una de mis ilustraciónes en un blog importante sobre ilustraciones y ahora... Jenclair ha puesto mi Journal Quilt...six months later, como una de sus favoritas. No es fantastico!!!! Gracias Jenclair

My Journal Quilt... six months later, from the begining I was so happy with this project, I wanted to see how it will look when I sew them together, the first one looks like a poster, isnt it, the second one, looks like old time quilt, Im looking foward how it will look like a whole year. Need to wait for another six months...
Have a fantastic day. Keep yourself happy.

Post update... this week has been fantastic for me, first one of my illustrations was posted in a very important blog, and this morning Jenclair chose my Journal Quilt... six months later as one of her favorites. this is so fantastic. thanks so much Jenclair

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jenclair dijo...

I've been watching your little journals blocks and love them. Thanks for showing them all together.

Would you mind if I posted one of your pictures on my blog? I will credit and link to your blog.

Thanks for sharing your progress!

Martina dijo...

Really looks great. And its such a nice idea!
Hugs Martina

^A^ngel dijo...

Seguro te quedara hermoso Ale...at six months it's already gorgeous...

Have a great day...