domingo, 14 de febrero de 2010

Journal quilt, Feb. 2010

Journal quilt, Feb 2010

Moon always like to give away love to lovers.

Febrero 14, Luna llena, perfecto para ésta journal quilt, me doy cuenta, que últimamente he trabajado con las emociones, sí, así es, estoy haciendo esta pequeña colección de Journal quilts , muy apegada a lo qué cada mes, estoy viviendo, y me gusta mucho, verlas ya juntas unas con las otras, como se va formando la historia, probando nuevas técnicas y utilizando puntadas diferentes, cuantos cambios, y cuantas emociones.
Para todas ustedes, un corazón lleno de significado.
Un abrazo

February 14th, Full Moon, the day is perfect to post my new Journal quilt, and share it here with all of you, I came to the point to acept that Im quilting with emotions, every month, has been a different one, this month, Love, to have company in life, and share every day, every adventure,

I have been trying different stiches, thecnics and I like what is comming up from these little Journal quilts, the story of this little dog and its relationship with the moon, every month there is something new in its life, tonight, the moon is happy to see the little one with its beloved, and when they are not looking, the moon with pleasure give them Love.

For all of you, my followers, my visitors.
Have a wonderful Valentines Day


4 comentarios:

acornmoon dijo...

I love your quilted man in the Moon!

Anónimo dijo...

How wonderful this little quilt is for February! I love it!!! Did you do it or is it a pattern? You could sell that pattern! Very cute!
I paint with emotions. I'll have to try something with fabric!

Anónimo dijo...

I clicked that I LIKED IT...but I really love it! What a talented lady you truly are!!! I looked at your painting blog and WOW!!! Wonderful work you do!

ale balanzario dijo...

Hi Cathy, thanks so much for your wonderful comments, food for my soul, I made this quilts with no patterns, I just cut off the fabrics and place them, but Im thinking of making the patterns soon, will let you know.

Have a wonderful week end.