martes, 11 de noviembre de 2008

take one.... take two.... oh, there you have!!!

Toma uno.... toma dos.... Ah, por fin... si claro, esta mañana, para añadir un poco de alegría a la vida, aparecio Miss Kitty justo a la hora de tomar las fotos... como lo hace, esta afuera divertida y justo cuando comienzo a tomar fotos aparece para ponerse a jugar y hacerme las cosas difícil...
*Si las cosas que valen la pena fueran faciles, qualquiera las haria* se si quien dijo esta frase, tenia un gato como la mia.
Take one,.... take two.... Ah, there you have!!... you are right this morning, to add some joy to my life, miss Kitty showed up just when I was taking some photos... how does she do it, she is outside having some fun out there, and when I began to take photos, she shows up to play around and make things harder for me..... If the things that worths were easy, anybody could do them*... I dont know if the person who said that, had a cat like mine.... :0)
Ale xx

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Margret dijo...

Hi Alex!
Love your quilt, its colors and the kitty.
Margret, Arizona

ale balanzario dijo...

Hi Margret, Great to see you here again,!!! yes, I love the colors of this quilt. Ale.