jueves, 20 de noviembre de 2008

Blue and beige....

Cuando uno ve la bolsa de los retazos, tantos pedacitos guardados por tanto tiempo, pequeñas telas, apreciadas por nosotros y tan difícil de botar, como ya saben he estado haciendo limpieza ultimamente, y esta bolsa esta hecha con puros retazos, y especialmente hecha para mi, aunque, el primer dia que la use, a una amiga le gusto tanto.... :0)

Every time I see my scrap bag, I found so many little pieces of fabrics I love, its so hard to through them away, as you know I have been doing some house cleaning and that also was for my quilting room. but for some reason, only quilters know, we keep every single little piece of fabric. This bag is made with little tiny pieces of fabrics I love. Was made for me, ya, the first time I took it out, hmmm a friend saw it and fall in love with it. :0)
Ale xx

4 comentarios:

cassia dijo...

I'm so jealous of your skills and your patience. All the items on your blog are absolutely beautiful. I'd love to one day try my hand at quilting- keep up the inspiration!

karenfae dijo...

I like your pickle dish patterned pillow, very pretty, I have thought to do a quilt using that pattern sometimes and never have -- too many projects and not enough time!
Karen in USA

Manuela dijo...

This is a wonderful blog. I don't understand the words, but I can see the pictures.
Manuela from Germany

ale balanzario dijo...

Thanks Cassia for your visit and wonderful comment, ya you should try the hand quilting, its really nice to do it, even the machine quilting is fun to do also.

Thanks Karenfae for your visit and comment, the pickle dish patterned needs a lot of patience to do it, but I love the way it looks.

Thanks Manuela for your visit, hmm I should try to get the tralate program to my blog in some languages beside english and spanish,