lunes, 10 de enero de 2011


A quilted owl.

Mateo and his brother and sister.

Mateo is a sweet little quilted owl, cut and hugable, he would love to find a house where to live...
Soon you will can make Mateo or his brother or sister.
Have a nice week.

Mateo es un pequeño y dulce buho acolchado, le gustan los abrazos, le gustaría encontrar una casa para vivir.
Pronto podrás hacerlo a el o a sus hermanos.


6 comentarios:

Martina dijo...

They are lovely!
Have a grat day!

ale balanzario dijo...

Thanks Martina, Im happy you liked them!! have a great day you too :-)

pwl dijo...

Mateo is adorable! I think this is a pattern I would like to try! :-)

Juan dijo...


Fotf dijo...

OOhhh Ale, you know i love Owls :)

miss aine dijo...

Very cool!