miércoles, 15 de diciembre de 2010

Fingerless mittens.


We are having the coldest month of December in a long time, every morning with temps below cero, even to -6 C, our houses are not build for those cool or I should say cold temps, so I began to knit and knit, and knit.
I began to knit as you know for my grand son, but then as a challenge, I began to knit the mittens, last week I visited my mom in Puebla, her house there was cold also, my sister told me, my mom had her fingers cold all the time, so she put on one finished mitten, as Im knitting with wool, fantastic wool made in Peru for babies, the mittens are soft, light and warm, after 10 minutes my mom put it on, her hand was warm, her fingers were warm, so I knitted for her a pair, now she can play with her Ipad, with her fingerless mittens, and keep her fingers warm all the time.

These two pairs, a neighbour asked me for, they will be given to her sons teacher as Christmas present, I think teachers would find them warm to wear them in cold mornings.

Well, Im off now to keep knitting, have more mittens to knit.
Take care my dear readers.


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