miércoles, 19 de mayo de 2010

Giveaway Day.

Hola a todas!! muchisimas gracias por su gran respuesta a mi Giveaway Day, estoy teniendo algunos problemas en los comentarios del post anterior, pueden dejarme aquí sus comentarios, al final juntaré todos los comentarios para sacar a la ganadora.
Gracias mil
Hi to all of you, I really want to thank you all, this has been a great respond to my Giveaway Day, Im having some problems in the previos post comments, you can leave your comments here, at the end I will take the winner from all the comments, from this post and the previous one.
Thank you so much for your grand respond.

14 comentarios:

pam dijo...

I love the colours of the bag:) Awesome giveaway...thanks for the chance.

Crystal Hendrix dijo...

That is so adorable!!

ebethsha dijo...

Very beautiful sewing. Lovely colours.

ebethw at gmail dot com

Sara dijo...

What a a beautiful giveaway. muchas gracias.

Marie dijo...

This is so beautiful! Thanks for the chance to win

Anónimo dijo...



mab dijo...

Oh, this is beautiful! Thanks for the chance to enter.

sommerkind dijo...

These are so cute. The one with the downward leaves is a bit more delicate, I think, but I love both.

Stephanie dijo...

This is lovely. Thank you


Ammie dijo...

This is exquisite. The colors contrast so nicely with the white, and I love the design. Thanks!
ammieloris at hotmail dot com

Emily dijo...

So pretty!!

Susan dijo...

Oh MY!! this is GORGEOUS!!! I LOVE it :)
I'd be so very proud to show it off.
Thank you for the opportunity.
Be well,

Susan dijo...

am now a follower also :)

Mare dijo...

La bolsa es preciosa!
Cariños desde Chile!