viernes, 5 de febrero de 2010

UFOS me?

Yes, I have some of them
Miren, tengo algunos tops de quilts ya terminadas y listas para ser acolchadas, por lo cual, como meta de este año, es terminarlas... de manera que será un compromiso, conmigo y con ustedes. Hay tops grandes, medianos, pequeños, de muchos colores y temas. Tendre que darme prisa, pues son muchas...
Yes I have some UFOs, and I want to finish them all, I have all kind of quilts top ready to be quilted, some are small, some are big, some are one color, some have many colors, so i have a goal for this year, I will be busy for some time.
Have a wonderful week end

3 comentarios:

Martina dijo...

Yes those UFO's. I have quite some too. And I also decided to finish those this year. So let's keep on stitching...
Take care, Martina

ale balanzario dijo...

Hola Martina, yes youre right, those UFOS, so lets keep on stiching!!

Take care Martina,

Barbara dijo...

By accident I arrived on your lovely and interesting blog and was caught by your "question" UFOS me? I had to smile as up to now I do not know any quilter who doesn't have UFO's. And I am glad it is so. Otherwise I would always have a bad consciousness for not finishing my quilts at once.
Un saludo da Suiza,