jueves, 21 de enero de 2010

Journal quilt, January 2010

Journal quilt, January 2010

Journal Quilt, 2010, un nuevo año, nueva decada, que emoción, después de pasar algunos meses lejos de casa, ésta semana volvi.

4 comentarios:

Martina dijo...

Dear Ale, your journal block looks very nice. Great job!
Keep on stitching..
Greetings Martina

ale balanzario dijo...

Dear Martina, thanks for your visit and comment, I defently will keep on stitching, keeps me alive.


ger dijo...

Such a nice moon face, + how light the beast steps, with home in sight... - thanks for commenting on the tailed squares...

ale balanzario dijo...

youre very welcome Ger, I always enjoy visiting your blog,

True, with a nice moon face and light beast steps its always good to get back home, just open the door.