domingo, 13 de diciembre de 2009

Christmas quilt.

Chritsmas Quilt.

El panel central del quilt de Navidad, es la casa, en donde pasar la Navidad con la familia y con las personas más cercanas a nosotros.

The central block on my Christmas quilt is the house, where I have spend some Christmas, with family .

Have a fantastic Sunday

3 comentarios:

Martina dijo...

I am really looking forward to see your quilt as a whole. Love your shown pieces.

ale balanzario dijo...

Thank you Martina, its a nice small quilt, I will show it as a whole today :)
Have a fantastic day!!

Poppyprint dijo...

I really love your quilt. Anything with embroidery is my favourite - come and visit my blog to see my embroidered Christmas wallhanging, too! Thanks for sharing.