viernes, 12 de junio de 2009

Follow you Friday

Follow you Friday,
Hola chicas, Viernes otra vez, como vuela el tiempo, no es cierto?, pues aquí poniéndoles la liga de algunos blogs que he visitado y que encuentro interesantes, ya que siempre es bueno tener algo que leer durante el fin de semana.

Hi, Friday again, right now, Im watching the hockey game on tv, Pittsburgh and Detroit, hmm, hard to belive, quilting and hockey.... even I dont undestand the game rules, I like to watch hockey games.

OK, I had visited some blogs during the week, and always find some very interesting, so its always good to have something interesting to read during the weekends. Hope you enjoy them too.

Art Spirit

The Beauty of Life

Well, Pittsburgh won, what a moment, hard to keep my attention to the new post, watching the Stanley Cup..... Congratulation Pittsburgh

Have a lovely week end

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