lunes, 8 de diciembre de 2008

Oh oh, look who came to check the doll bed.

Pues si, claro esta, en una casa en donde viven perritos y gatos en perfecta armonia, despues de tomar las fotos de Jacinta la chihuahuena en la camita, no podia faltar que Odette llegara a checar que era lo que estaba pasando ahi. aqui tienen la cama con otra colchita de cuadros, y el momento que Odette checaba el set de fotografia al igual que la cama con la colchita.
Feliz inicio de otra semana.
Ya, can happen, in a house where in perfect harmony live dogs and cats, after the little dog photos sesion was over, Odette showed up to check what was happening there, here you have the doll bed with a new quilt, and the moment when Odette went on the bed, just to be sure everything was ok....
Happy beggining of a new week
Ale xx

3 comentarios:

Margret dijo...

Alex, I think I would raffle off the bed each day between all the furriers and they can choose the quilt they want to use that day. Good idea?

ale balanzario dijo...

ya Margreat, thats a great idea, will let my sister know about that, lucky me, I dont have to see all the furries running fast to get it first, ha ha.

but you know, the cats are bigger. poor dogs. ha ha.

Thanks Margreat for your visit and great nice comment.

karenfae dijo...

what a pretty cat on the pretty little quilt.